TiO2-CeO2 based composite materials and their application in photocatalysis: A short review

Chemia Naissensis Volume 6, No.1 (2023) (стр. 1-17) 

АУТОР(И) / AUTHOR(S): Marija Vasić Jovev, Aleksandra Krstić, Marjan Ranđelović, Radomir Ljupković, Katarina Stepić, Aleksandra Zarubica

Е-АДРЕСА / E-MAIL: marija.vasic@pmf.edu.rs

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DOI: 10.46793/ChemN6.1.01VJ


In light of the ever-increasing problem of environmental pollution, photocatalysis represents one of the most promising solutions for the remediation/decomposition of wastewater pollutants. Among the materials used for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants, titanium dioxide has been widely investigated due to its unique and favourable properties. On the other hand, its limitation in absorbing only about 5% of solar light and its relatively wide band gap and rapid recombination of electron-hole pairs restricts its practical application. In order to overcome this drawback and improve photocatalytic ability, various methods have been investigated. Some of the significant methods that have been extensively studied over the past decades involve the preparation of binary oxides, mixed oxide systems, composite materials, etc. This short review provides a comprehensive summary of scientific reports of titania-ceria composite materials and their applications in photocatalytic reactions reported in the literature.


TiO2-CeO2, composite materials, photocatalysis


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