9th International Scientific Conference Technics and Informatics in Education – TIE 2022 (2022) стр. 297-301

АУТОР(И): Nebojša Stanković, Vesna Ružičić

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DOI: 10.46793/TIE22.297S


This paper presents an analysis of basic knowledge about cyber security in the education of high school students (from the first to the fourth grade of high school) and undergraduate students. The focus of the research is determining knowledge about cyber security, as well as identifying the desire of respondents to learn more about cyber security. The respondents were students of the Gymnasium and Technical School in Čačak and undergraduate students of the Information Technologies study program at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, University of Kragujevac. An analysis of the conducted research on cyber security in education was carried out. Based on the results of the research, a discussion was given and conclusions were drawn in order to improve knowledge about cyber security in education.


cyber security; education; survey


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