Application of Robotic Vision and PSO algorithm for determining the optimal path of movement of the robotic system

9th International Scientific Conference Technics and Informatics in Education – TIE 2022 (2022) стр. 201-207

АУТОР(И): Zvonko Petrović, Milica Tufegdžić, Vladeta Jevremović, Predrag Pravdić

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DOI: 10.46793/TIE22.201P


The application of robotic vision and biologically inspired algorithms improves the process of programming the movement of a robotic system. In the work, the optimal path of movement of the robotic system during the welding process was determined. The shape of the path to be taken was recorded using a 2D camera, i.e. robotic vision, and the optimal path of movement determined by the PSO (Particle swarm optimization) algorithm.


robotic vision; PSO algorithm; optimal path.


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