1st International Symposium On Biotechnology (2023),  [539-544]

AUTHOR(S) / АУТОР(И): Denis Mitov, Stefan Petrović, Nikola Đorđević, Jelena Mrmošanin, Aleksandra Pavlović, Snežana Tošić


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DOI: 10.46793/SBT28.539M


In the present work, the uptake of some heavy metals by wheat grown on soils artificialcontaminated with Cd, Cr, Cu,Ni and Pb individually and in combination,was studied in a pot experiments. The samples were prepared by wet digestion and analyzed by ICP-OES and the obtained results were discussed based on the values of the obtained concentrations, enrichment factors (EFs) and translocation factors (TFs).


wheat, heavy metals, pot experiment, ICP-OES determination


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The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 30/2018 and 64/2019.