1st International Symposium On Biotechnology (2023),  [445-450]

AUTHOR(S) / АУТОР(И): Valerija Pantelić, Nemanja Miletić, Vesna Milovanović, Igor Đurović, Marko Petković


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DOI: 10.46793/SBT28.445P


The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of convective and microwave drying on bioactive compounds in raspberries (Rubus idaeus L.) cv. Willamette and Tulameen. Fruits were dehydrated in the convective dryer at temperatures 50 °C and 70 °C and microwave oven at power levels (90, and 240 W). The highest percentage of anthocyanin (11.6 %) and polyphenols (25 %) was retention in microwave-dried Willamette at 90 W. The microwave-dried Willamette at 90 W also had the highest antioxidant potential of 1.53 ± 0.26 mmol TE/100g dry matter.


convective drying, microwave drying, raspberry, antioxidant potential.


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