1st International Symposium On Biotechnology (2023),  [157-166]

AUTHOR(S) / АУТОР(И): Jelena Tomić, Boris Rilak, Marijana Pešaković, Žaklina Karaklajić Stajić, Svetlana M. Paunović


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DOI: 10.46793/SBT28.157T


To identify and compare the differences in productivity and fruit quality of strawberry cultivar ‘Senga Sengana’ grown in open field and protected area fruits were harvested in 2021 in the region of Western Serbia. The yield, physical (fruit weight, dimensions, firmness), chemical (total soluble solids (TSS), total (TS) and invert sugars (IS), sucrose (SUC), titrable acids (TA), pH, sweetness index (TS/TA)) and nutritive traits (vitamin C, total phenols, total anthocyanins and antioxidative activity) of the fruits were analyzed. Significantly higher yield per area unit, fruit weight and length, TSS, sugars, organic acids, sweetness index and nutritive qulity were recorded in the fruits from protected area. Growing strawberries in a protected area, in addition to ensuring a safe yield, also has a positive effect on both the sensory and nutritional composition of the fruit.


strawberry, yield, physical traits, chemical composition


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