Наслеђе 51 (2022), стр. 399-404

АУТОР(И): Верка Г. Карић

Е-АДРЕСА: verka.karic@filum.kg.ac.rs

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DOI: 10.46793/NasKg2251.399K


The main intention of the work is to show the characters mother and sister in trilogy- Family circus by Danilo Kiš. This trilogy contains novels: Garden, ashes (Bašta, pepeo), Hour- glass (Peščanik), Early sorrows (Rani jadi). We aim to show that thecharacter of the sister, although not shown in detail in the trilogy like the figure of the father, is important because    it reflects the childhood of his brother Andreas Sam. That is why the descriptions of sister’s character and appearance are best seen in the works Garden, ashes and Early sorrows. We can conclude that she represents a companion through all stages of her brother’s life. Although different from him, Ana Sam supports her younger brother and shares with him all the hard- ships that befell them during the Holocaust. On the other hand, the mother is portrayed as a character opposite to the father, devoid of flaws. In addition, there is no feeling of frustration in the relationship between mother and son, like those present towards the father, but also the sister who shares his characteristics. Thus, analysis of the trilogy has the goal to demonstrate the attachment to the mother and the perspective of a person who is not a Jew but feels the consequences of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust suffered by her family.


mother, sister, Garden, ashes, Hourglass, Early sorrows, Holocaust


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