Наслеђе 51 (2022), стр. 393-397

АУТОР(И): Јована Д. Костић

Е-АДРЕСА: jovana.kostic95@hotmail.com

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DOI: 10.46793/NasKg2251.393K


This paper aims to present and synthesize biographical data of one of the main characters in Danilo Kiš’s novel Hourglass, namely, Eduard Sam. First, we shall list all of his personal information such as the date of birth, address, marital status, family relations, work expe- rience, pastime activities, etc. Then, we shall present the staircases of life and death as they appear within the novel. Since the character in question is of Jewish origin, the paper will examine the recurring signs of anti-Semitism as well as the physically and emotionally debil- itating consequences of such national identity. Eduard Sam is someone who is lucid, not mad, with his lucidity emerging as a result of his ceaseless speculation about the terror of death within a concentration camp.


character biography, anti-Semitism, Jew, Eduard Sam, Hourglass, Danilo Kiš


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