Scientific Publications Of The State University Of Novi Pazar 2 (2017)

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Authors: Zogić E.H., Glogić E.R
Keywords: resolvent energy; graph; inequalities


Authors: Vejnović Z., Pavlović M., Hadžić P., Davidović M.
Keywords: thermoluminescence; kinetics order; glow curve; kinetics model; activation energy


Authors: Saleem N., Ansari A.H., Pavlović M., Radenović S.
Keywords: common fixed point; C- class function; refinement inequality; Sb-metric space


Authors: Chauhan O.P., Singh N., Singh D., Mishra L.N.
Keywords: cone metric spaces; sub-compatible maps; sub-sequential continuity; reciprocal continuity


Authors: Radenović S., Pavlović M., Paunović Lj., Kadelburg Z.
Keywords: cone metric space; normal-cone; quasicontraction


Authors: Saidani M., Belaïdi B.
Keywords: linear differential equations; entire function; iterated order


Authors: Matejić M.M., Milovanović E.I., Milovanović I.Ž.
Keywords: Vertex degree; inverse sum indeg index; multiplicative sum Zagreb index