History of the Department of Chemistry, the University of Niš, Republic of Serbia

Chemia Naissensis Volume 1, No.1 (2018) (стр. 1-17) 

АУТОР(И) / AUTHOR(S): Danijela Kostić


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DOI: 10.46793/ChemN1.1.001K


Department of Chemistry was founded in 1971. In its long history, it became famous in Serbia and abroad because of the success and skills of its undergraduates, graduate students, and PhD- students. At the Department of Chemistry, since the founding, in addition to teaching, fundamental and applied researches were carried out in various fields of chemistry. Scientific activity was accomplished through many projects funded by the Republic of Serbia and international projects and within the framework of the Institute of Chemistry. Up to the end of 2017, a more than 1000 students graduated at the Department of Chemistry. Starting from the school year 2005-2006, previous Diploma of high education has been equalized with Master’s degree. One hundred and ten master theses and 105 doctoral dissertations were defended (41 according to the new accredited program). Under the new Bologna program, 160 students received bachelor’s degrees and 96 master’s degrees. Graduated chemistry professors have made a great contribution to the development of education in Serbia also contributing to the development of the chemical industry in Serbia, and it is worth mentioning that many of them  are very successful in working abroad. Masters and PhDs of Chemistry are employed at many faculties and colleges in Serbia and abroad. Many of them are authors of a large number of scientific papers published in renowned world scientific journals.


history, Department for chemistry, University of Niš