Studentsʼ Experience of Studying Arts and Social Sciences Content at a Distance

Наука и образовање – изазови и перспективе (2022) (стр. 309-324)

АУТОР(И): Barbara Kopačin, Matija Jenko, Eda Birsa


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DOI: 10.46793/NOIP.309K


In the delivery of music, visual arts and social sciences content, educational strategies are constantly changing and improving, which was especially evident during the COVID-19 epidemic. Students in higher education faced new challenges in these areas, too. In the qualitative study, 129 students of Primary School Teaching and Preschool Teaching study programs at the Faculty of Education of University of Primorska completed the online questionnaire. For the purposes of this paper, we analyzed their answers to three open-ended questions in order to find out their opinions on studying arts and social sciences at a distance. We found out that the participants faced different challenges in the implementation of the distance learning process, mainly due to different conditions for the implementation of distance learning obligations and different ICT competencies of all involved in the study process. The conducted research will help to improve the study process in case it goes online again.


distance education, higher education, arts, social sciences, student experience.