Mineral composition of soil from urban area of Niš – chemometric approach

Chemia Naissensis Volume 2, No.1 (2019) (стр. 114-137) 

АУТОР(И) / AUTHOR(S): Jelena S. Nikolić, Violeta D. Mitić, Marija V. Dimitrijević, Marija D. Ilić, Slobodan A. Ćirić, Vesna P. Stankov Jovanović

Е-АДРЕСА / E-MAIL: jelena.cvetkovic7@gmail.com,

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DOI: 10.46793/ChemN2.1.114N


The evaluation of the macroelement and microelement content in soil samples collected in the urban area of Niš, Serbia, was the objective of the study, as well as the determination of soil chemical characteristic impact on metal availability in soil. Fourteen metals (Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Na, Ag, As, Ba, Cd, Cu, Cr, Hg, Pb, and Sr) content and four soil chemical characteristics (pH H2O, pH KCl, organic matter content, and conductivity) were determined in 15 soil samples collected near road in urban area of Niš. Element with the highest concentration in analyzed samples was Ca (35.8 mg g-1). Among the analyzed microelements, Pb had the highest concentration (0.352 mg g-1). Hierarchical cluster analysis divided samples into two statistically significant clusters. Application of PCA analysis indicated soil chemical characteristic impact on metal content and permitted separation of metal content based on soil chemical characteristics.


metal, ICP-OES, soil chemical characteristics, cluster, PCA


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