Scientific Publications Of The State University Of Novi Pazar 1 (2016)

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Authors: Malhotra S.K., Sharma J.B., Shukla S.
Keywords: Cone metric space; Relation-theoretic contraction principle; Solid cone; Banach algebra; Fixed point


Authors: Abbas M., Huang H., Sarwar M., Shoaib M.
Keywords: Fixed point; Jachymski function; w-distance; Gq -metric space


Authors: Ansari A.H., Chandok S.
Keywords: α -admissible mappings; contractive mappings; αβ -contractive; fixed point


Authors: Čupić Ž., Schmitz G., Kolar Anić Lj.
Keywords: Stoichiometric network analysis (SNA); mathematical modeling; stoichiometric models; nonlinear oscillatory reaction system; instability condition


Authors: Gutman Ivana, Lu Jia, Boutiche Mohamed-Amine
Keywords: Distance (in graph); complement (of graph); Wiener index; hyper-Wiener index


Authors: Milovanović Ž., Milovanović E.I., Irić V.Ć., Jovanović N.
Keywords: Zagreb indices; irregularity measures; inequalities


Authors: Deng Bo, Wang Shouzhong, Gutman Ivan
Keywords: Resolvent Estrada index; Estrada index; spectrum (of graph); cycle; path


Authors: Cvetković Stevica, Rajković Boban, Nikolić Saša V.
Keywords: image classification; local binary patterns; neural networks; extreme learning machines


Authors: Mansour T., Rostami M.A., Suresh E., Xavier G.B.A.
Keywords: first Zagreb index; second Zagreb index; inverse degree