Ethnobotanical research of „Sambucus nigra“ L. in the Stara Planina Mt area in Serbia /  Eтноботаничкa истраживања „Sambucus nigra“ L. на подручју Старе планине у Србији

Етноботаника 3 (2023), стр. 171-200

АУТОР(И): Marija S. Marković, Branko N. Jotić, Violeta D. Mitić, Miloš M. Rajković, Slobodan A. Ćirić, Jelena S. Nikolić, Vesna P. Stankov Jovanović


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DOI: 10.46793/EtnBot23.171M


The plant species Sambucus nigra L., commonly known as an elder has significant ethnobotanical importance with a rich history of traditional uses across various cultures. This study provides a comprehensive ethnobotanical analysis of the utilization of S. nigra across different regions at Stara Planina Mt, especially in traditional medicine, food, and for other purposes. The research methodology involved a review of ethnobotanical literature and interviews with local communities. The collected data were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative approaches to ascertain the prevalence and significance of Sambucus nigra in various traditional knowledge systems. Results revealed that S. nigra had been employed for centuries in treating various ailments. Its flowers, berries, leaves, and bark have been used to formulate natural remedies for respiratory disorders, colds, flu, and inflammation. The plant has held cultural significance, blending into culinary practices such as jams, wines, juices and teas. Given that S. nigra has antiviral, immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties, one of the goals of this study was to determine the potential of S. nigra as a source of bioactive compounds for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The bioactive constituents in various parts of the plant have garnered attention of researchers for their potential therapeutic properties. Sambucus nigra is used in traditional medicine, culinary arts, and this research consolidates existing ethnobotanical knowledge and highlights the need for sustainable conservation efforts to ensure the continued availability of this valuable botanical resource.


Sambucus nigra L., elder, ethnobotany, Stara Planina Mt


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