Modification of Nonlinear Hydro Power Plant Models Using Real Plant Measurements

Energija, ekonomija, ekologija, 1-2 (2020), (str. 126-130)

АУТОР(И): Darko Babunski, Pance Bogoevski, Emil Zaev, Atanasko Tuneski


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DOI: 10.46793/EEE20-1-2.126B


Simulation models of Hydro Power Plant (HPP) are complex and highly nonlinear control system, composed of tunnel, penstock, surge tank, hydro turbine and hydroelectrical governor models. Hydro Power Plant (HPP) models recommended by the IEEE working group is revised and is used for simulation of the transient and static response of the system of hydro turbine and auxiliary equipment. Verification was made using measurements of static and transient responses from real HPP. Modification of simulation model is made after comparison of the simulated response of the HPP simulation model and real response of the HPP with PID controller. Modification and adjustment of the two parameters of the model is made to adjust the static response of the model without affecting transient response and with consideration of smallest frequency and power error.


Hydro Power Plant, Hydro Turbine, Nonlinear Model, Verification


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