Savetovanje o biotehnologiji sa međunarodnim učešćem (Čačak: 27; 2022) (str. 553-557)

АУТОР(И): Jasur Safarov, Sunil Verma, Shakhnoza Sultanova, Abhijit Tarawade, Azamat Usenov


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DOI: 10.46793/SBT27.553S


The presented work is related to the study of the „water – medicinal raw materials“ system, where the influence of humidity and storage temperature on the hygroscopicity of the process was determined. Sorption isotherms help classify drying rates according to the hygroscopicity of materials to show the distribution and intensity of water compounds. Sorption isotherms make it possible to determine important information about the sorption processes of plant materials.


moisture, drying, desorption, sorption, isotherm


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