1st International Conference on Chemo and BioInformatics, ICCBIKG  2021, (351-354)

AUTHOR(S) / АУТОР(И): Jovana M. Muškinja, Jelena S. Katanić Stanković, Zoran R. Ratković


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DOI: 10.46793/ICCBI21.351M


Sulfonamide derivatives are a very important class of compounds with pronounced biological activities and, for this reason, they have very useful pharmaceutical applications. They are the basis of several groups of drugs and are known as sulfa-drugs. From this point of view, the present study focuses on the synthesis of some novel structural hybrids incorporating two very important groups, sulfonamide, and pyrazoline. The new sulfonamide-based pyrazolines were synthesized in very good yields. The structures of the sulfonamide compounds were confirmed by IR and NMR methods. Synthesized compounds were tested for their antioxidant activities using two different methods, DPPH radical and ABTS radical cation scavenging assays. The results showed relatively good in vitro antioxidant activity.


antioxidant activity, pyrazolines, sulfonamides, synthesis


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