1st International Conference on Chemo and BioInformatics, ICCBIKG  2021, (60-63)

AUTHOR(S) / АУТОР(И): Goran N. Kaluđerović


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DOI: 10.46793/ICCBI21.060K



Free Ph3Sn(CH2)nOH (n = 3, 4, 6, 8 and 11) and immobilized organotin(IV) compounds, SBA- 15~Cl|Ph3Sn(CH2)nOH, were prepared and tested against different tumor cell lines. Both compounds and nanomaterials revealed strong cytotoxic potential. SBA-15~Cl|Ph3Sn(CH2)3OH as well as free compound induce caspase triggered apoptosis in human ovarian A2780 cells. Ph3Sn(CH2)6OH and corresponding nanomaterial induced apoptosis in mouse melanoma B16 cells. Survived clones of B16 cells demonstrated phenotypic changes, they differentiate toward melanocytes.


cisplatin, organotin(IV) compounds, emodin, SBA-15, apoptosis, differentiation


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