Statistika za 2020. godinu

Resolutions by the numbers
This section of the report provides the resolution counts for the report prefix.
Resolutions attempts2,395
Resolved at Handle2,039
Handle Failures356
Resolved at local link server0
Unique DOIs attempted277
Unique DOIs resolved at handle248
Unique DOIs that failed at handle29
Unique DOIs resolved at local link server0
Key terms defined from this section

Resolution attempts is the same as total „resolutions“ above.
Resolved at handle is the number of resolutions that successfully looked up at
Handle failures is the number of resolutions that failed to look up at, either due to a technical problem or because the DOIs did not exist.
Resolved at local link server counts resolutions that were looked up at local link servers.

Successful resolution counts by publication title
The number of total DOI resolutions per title.
Publication TitleTotal ResolutionsUnique DOIs
Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics1,436152
Proceedings of the International Conference Professional Competences for Teaching in the 21st Century3516
Zbornik radova18221

Total resolutions

Unique DOIs